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Ziyad Bannoura

The Great Joy Ministry

Ziyad, a Palestinian Christian, was born 1963 Beit Sahour, one of the neighborhoods of


He was born again there in 1980 attending First Baptist in Bethlehem. He served faithfully in

First Baptist and in 1998 Ziyad began to be recognized as a pastor.


Ziyad studied in the Program for Theological Education by extension in Amman, Jordan, and

obtained his Bachelor of Science in Theology in 2010; he is now on the board of the program .

The school reaches 6 or 7 Muslim nations with their extension classes; students attend once a

week. He later obtained his post graduate degree in 2016, a Master of Arts in Christian Ministry,

at Israel College of the Bible, a ministry of One For Israel in Netanya, Israel.


Ziyad’s most pressing vision is to do something new in Bethlehem to restore the hope and joy in

the hearts of people. They need restoration, hope, and great joy restored in their hearts. He

desires to see the city come to the Lord again. This is why he is calling this new vision The Great Joy Ministry. He and his wife Rawda know firsthand the immediate and desperate needs of those living in the birthplace of Jesus. They are infused with an enthusiasm to augment the Christian tourism to Bethlehem, and through it see the touch of God on their people. They have been doing evangelism and home meetings in Bethlehem for the last two years and supporting the urgent needs of the needy families in Bethlehem. 

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