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Middle East

There are different missions in Africa that are meeting so many needs. Many churches have been planted and missionaries have been sent out to start new ministries. The missionaries in Africa need our prayer and support to continue ministering to so many.

The counties of Asia have the highest populations on earth. This means there are many people who need God's love, but these counties are deeply entrenched in other religions (Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam). But Jesus is reaching many people through missionaries. Pray with us and support these missions who are reaching areas that are more hostile to Christianity.

Europe has a rich history of Christ and the church, but it has become simply that, history. As is common for first world countries there has been a rejection of Christ. These missionaries need prayer and support as they work toward overcoming spiritual apathy.

The people ministering in the Middle East are making a big impact for the kingdom of Heaven. This region needs prayer and support in their mission and effort.

Latin America

We are blessed to have many missionaries serving in Latin America. This is an area that is plagued with poverty and poor government. This combination creates a difficult life for many, but our missionaries have been able to bring many to Christ and serve the needs of many.


The missionaries in Australia are working hard to create an atmosphere of God's Love. This has been done through the start of churches.

Missions Infusion

Mission infusion is our part-time mission area. These are people who serve in a unique way. They live in the U.S.A but travel to serve often multiple times a year.

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