The settlement of Australia is a striking parallel to one’s journey in life. Initially a penal colony, Australia is now a free country, highly developed ranking high in many international comparisons of national performance, such as quality of life, health, education, economic development and the protection of civil libertiesand political rights. The Gospel declares each person is a prisoner of sin. But Jesus’ blood sets us free with the Holy Spirit empowering us to become all our Heavenly Father created us to be and do. For many years, the IFCA has had an ever growing presence in Australia preaching the freeing restoring work of Jesus and the holy Spirit.

Prison Ministry in Burma Missions outreaches in Thailand, Myanmar and Cambodia Rev. Joe Leone and the Executive Board of the CCIA.​

  • Churches 20

  • Parishioners 2500

  • Orphanages 3

  • Children 250

  • Feeding Programs 30

  • Participants 700

  • Bible Colleges 3

  • Students 36

Missionaries in Australia

Joe Leone

Christian Church of Australia

John Sagaoinit

Christian Churches of the Philippines

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