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Latin American Missionaries

In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue and discovered the “new” world opening the flood gates of opportunities that previously were beyond the comprehension and foresight of that time. Yet, six hundred years later, all the discoveries and opportunities of the “new” world do not compare to the “new” life that is found in Christ Jesus. In response to Jesus command to go to the ends of the earth, World Impact presents the new life in Christ throughout the “new” world impacting untold numbers of people every day.


Latin American 

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Argentina Mission Trip '08 499.jpg

Antoninio Galvano

Iglesia Cristiana Vida Eterna


Lester Murrell

Pegwell Community Church


Alfredo Tiezzi

Igreja Evangelica Pentecostal

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Cay Nacimiento

Cristo Redentor

Pacella 1_Page_1_edited.jpg

Josh & Terrilyn Pacella

The Refuge

The Paras Chile.JPG

Jose Luis Para

Brother Tranfa Venezuela Spain.JPG

Frederico Tranfa


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The Pedrazas Columbia.JPG

Rosendo Pedraza

Bethel Pentecostal Church

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Hallahan, Lawrence & Mary 3-08.jpg

Larry & Mary Hallahan

Guyana Deaf Mission


Mario D'Aloia

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